The Everyday and Extraordinary
9 June - 9 September 2018
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 

Red, White and Blue (2016-2017) acrylic on cork tile, 30 x 30 x 3 cm 


The Everyday and Extraordinary explores the potential of objects to be transformed and seen in new and insightful ways. Showcasing over seventy modern and contemporary artworks, this exhibition celebrates the wonder of physical objects in a pre-dominantly digital age where artistic creativity helps us all to see the world in extraordinary ways.

Found objects have been transformed in many ways and for different reasons by artists; used to communicate a particular idea or concept such as Surrealism's use of humour and satire, or Pop Art's direct appropriation of items from popular culture. It is the relationship between the found object as artistic material, content and subject-matter that provides the basis for this exhibition which presents a Wunderkammer (a room of wonder) of artworks drawn from the Arts Council Collection and Birmingham Museums.

This exhibition presents an eclectic and surreal environment where the everyday and the extraordinary come together.

It will take place in Galleries 12 and 13 at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.



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