/// ABOUT ///

I'm a mixed media artist that draws on the vocabulary of painting to explore ideas of taste, tradition and process. Remixing action painting, pop art, hard-edge abstraction, and language-based conceptualism I examine reoccurring trends within art, questioning our expectations of painting in a time when many consider it to be obsolete.

Recent works combine found 'ready-made' objects and materials with recycled 'ready-made' techniques and visual languages. Reprocessing failed artworks, studio clutter and exhibition off-cuts I subvert any original meaning or function into simple repetition and pattern. Avoiding the depersonalisation of pure geometry I attempt to recall the 'happy accident' found in 1950s gestural abstraction, sometimes adding drips and painterly mark making to the sense of order. Transforming accumulated objects, the works are self-reflective assemblages that point to the decorative objects found in our everyday lives.

Through a combination of monochromes, stripes, gestural brushstrokes, grids and 'accidental' drips I refer to a self-referential art world of 'ready-made' effects, gimmicks and clichés. Whilst embracing these retro beginnings I confront the so-called 'death of painting' with a playful DIY approach to making, revamping the traditions of abstract painting with modern materials and experimental methods of production. Sampling and shifting between styles I explore the act, process and materiality of painting as it battles a world of commercial images, new media art forms and its own historical baggage.